What's keeping you from living your dream?
You know in your heart what kind of life you want to live. But just thinking about all the steps you need to take to achieve that dream can be overwhelming, and where do you even start? Hi, my name is Mike Schmeeckle, and as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer, I am here to work together with you. We'll design a plan with step-by-step actions that will keep you moving forward without getting overwhelmed. In addition to Life Coaching, we add energy healing to help remove emotional blocks, stuck energy, cords-n-hooks that are holding back from your true potential. Learn more >>>

For the 5th year in a row, Expertise magazine has chosen Life Alchemy by Michael to be in the top 11 life coaching companies in Omaha, Nebraska out of 113 companies. Check this out: https://www.expertise.com/ne/omaha/life-coaches 

Core Values
Being Happy
Figuring out your values and aligning your life to them
Fulfilling Potential
Overcoming road blocks and accomplishing your goals
Making Changes
Getting over fears and transforming your habits
Finding Balance
Breathing, relaxing, and becoming content with your world