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“As we gather within ourselves and spend more time inside as temperatures cool, it is a good time to consider hosting a home party.


How it works: the Host/Hostess invite their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to their home (also I work with businesses) to enjoy a time of sharing, laughter, fun, food, music, and energetic healing. You may decide just what you want to include and how you want to schedule the day/evening, but included at this time is the opportunity for your guests to receive an energetic healing work.


Sessions are scheduled in advance of the practitioner coming and the host/hostess provides a quiet/private room for the practitioner to set up the massage table or massage chair for energy work to see the guests for the session. In between sessions, the guests may enjoy each other’s company and the food/activities which the host/hostess provides. These can be as simple as just visiting, games, snacks, music or whatever flavor of the party one would like to create. Consideration may be given to creating an entire party around pampering which may also include doing nails and/or facials together for example. Another idea for a gender-mixed group would be to have a movie night.


There are so many possibilities of how you may create a fun or simply peaceful day/evening of offering relaxation and healing for yourself and those close to you in the comfort of your home. To get the most out of this type of gathering, a theme of renewal/relaxation/pampering/healing would be optimal but however you decide to gather, the benefits will be great.


Cost: Each of your guests pays $1 per minute for their session (averages are 15 to 20 minutes) and tips are appreciated. The host/hostess receives a gift certificate for a full 30-minute Intuitive energy healing session at Life Alchemy by Michael, with Michael for as a token of appreciation for hosting the party.


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Disclaimer: Results not guaranteed and varied. As we work together, we create a plan of action that will depend on how seriously you want to change your life. With energy work, healing is not guaranteed, results will vary. As with the law of energy exchanged, once the work is completed, it is done. Thus, there are no refunds for energy work completed.