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In the life coaching and energy healing work, we'll begin with a deeper extraction of energies with a guided meditation. In this meditation, we'll be working together of releasing trapped energies within from the 4 bodies, physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.  Then working with an opening, aligning, & empowering your chakras. Also, raising your soul vibrations with the ascension of empowerment, then bringing you out of the meditation. We usually talk a bit about the experience, as I have never heard the same experience twice, everyone has their own personal experience...and it is very cool!


Then we work together to find out your "ground zero" per se, as most of us want our lives to be better as like a "perfect 10". So, I like to find 2 to 3 things that you want to work on to improve in your life, with success. If there is more that is fine, we can continue to work together for your success as time moves forward in life.


We'll create a game plan for success with a plan of action, with a mentorship program for accountability and guidance, as we work together. We'll write up a 5-year plan of goals, 3 short-term 0 to 6 months, 3 mid-term 7 to 24 months, & 2 long-term 25 to 60 months. Lastly is the beginnings, of creating a Dream & Vision board, as most of us are visual minded. The reason why I say beginnings, we'll work together of building a solid foundation, then later you will continue on your own to find and/or print off pictures for your board. We can stay in touch as time moves forward for refresher sessions, along the way. 


I have worked with many people around the world, with the success of varying degrees, as life does play a factor, but a majority of them has a positive transformation in their lives.


                            Gold Package – USD $399 (Average is a 3-hour session) (worth $599)

I combine many unique styles of the energy healing arts, to create my own style.

Life & Empowerment coaching $150 per hour, unless you have purchased the Gold package then $75 per hour for continuation after your first 2 to 3 hour gold package session. 

(Optional monthly budget-friendly plan as your commitment to excellence) 

{Detailed Natal interpretation via a program: $50 to print out plus shipping/handling}