Testimonies and Success stories

"I feel great today and my foot feels better as well. It feels like it’s healing quickly. My lungs felt great. I also feel different as a person, like I gained myself back. I had a brighter vision of the world and the people in it. Which I am grateful for. I also feel like negativity bounces right off me. Yes! Thank you so very much!"

- Tell


"Working in the mail service industry can be a bit tough most days. Mike did a few minutes with a quick Reiki treatment on my one of wrists and I've had no issues since."

- Clyde 


"Thank you to Michael Schmeeckle for the astounding job of Reiki that he gave to me today! I feel so much better tonight! I have such gratitude in my heart for you and your ability which will make me and mine so much better! I didn't realize my need for Reiki. It is my folly to think I am invincible and never need anyone's help. I did...and I am so thankful for you!"

- Epi


“Seven years ago, I lost my first ovary to a large tumor. Two years ago, doctors found another large tumor on my last ovary; I was facing a hysterectomy at the Mayo Clinic and I wasn’t even 30 yet. That’s when I met Michael. Michael is a unique blend of wellness/life coach and Reiki healer – which means he knew something was medically wrong right when he met me. He ended up being the miracle I needed, and after my first Reiki appointment with him, I felt lighter & healthier, like a huge weight was lifted. A week later, I went to my doctor’s appointment and the tumor was somehow completely gone. If I didn’t have the sonogram showing the tumor was there just a couple weeks before, I wouldn’t believe it myself.  


For me, Reiki healing was a medical necessity and I can’t imagine my life today if I hadn’t received treatment from Michael. For others, Reiki is a treatment for depression, stress, or anxiety. For others still, it’s a way to clear out negativity and to massage the soul. No matter what it is, to me, Michael is the #1 Life Coach & Reiki professional in Omaha. His energy, expertise, and professionalism have not only helped me & my life but have been a miracle to numerous others.”

- Theresa


"Michael is a true healer; he is passionate about his clients and very knowledgeable. I left his studio, clean, healed, and enlightened. Thank you again, I'll be back, hopefully as a student."

- Caitlin


"Every time I leave Michael's class I feel 100X better.
Tonight's class was so spiritual and I had such a great affirmation that I am a crystal healer, as we worked on energy sensing and did some crystal work. 

I must say if you've never experienced Reiki healing, massage therapy or have tried crystal therapy please try it as soon as you can.
Every time I leave I feel in tune with who I am and the journey I am on. You can feel the energy in the room, life-changing. 
Thank you Michael Schmeeckle!"It's

- Katherine Foley



Corius Grobler  

I met Michael for only about 5 min today and I have never met anyone so genuinely interested in helping another person.

I will definitely be going to him when construction season slows down


Kellie Skipton 

Thinking today was a normal Saturday was a misjudgment... Michael comes into my job to meet up with a friend for lunch, we got to talking and from what I experienced he is very gifted and very in tune with his art! He gave me a read and we spoke about the beautiful realm for spirituality. I would love for my s.o. and I to have the opportunity to sit and talk with him


Jamie Thomas  

Michael changed my life! It's really impossible to put into words how much he's had an impact on my wellbeing. He helped me recover from some medical issues which really shows what a true healer he is. Michael is genuine in mind and spirit and he practices what he teaches. I can't recommend him enough!!!


Kit Martian  

The pain I've dealt with in my wrists for years is practically gone, what an amazing experience.


Theress Leger 

Michael is one of the most legit holistic healers I have ever met and feel I have met a pretty powerful array throughout my whole life. He is the only one who has ever been able to remove pain in my spine that has been there for most of my life. I never thought it would go away and it had just become a part of me and had to accept it. I still have much more healing to go before I can get back to helping others heal as well but I have full confidence that Life Alchemy by Michael will help me get there.

Michael is a great life coach as well while moving your energetic bodies and align your chakras you will automatically notice all areas of your life align better as well-- the healing process begins with the inside and works outward.

I highly recommend to anyone considering alternative healing or adding to their current health program what I would consider foundational healing (we always need it and need to be at certain levels to age healthily). You accelerate other healing processes in the body once you've worked out core issues with Life Alchemy by Michael.

I really cannot express enough gratitude in this lifetime for how his unique Reiki techniques, community outreach, life-coaching which include but not limited to team building collaborations, resume counseling, foundational business consulting. Someone who ultimately care about who you are and who you are really meant to be and will help you get there on all levels.

Life Alchemy is the first health insurance policy I need before any other in other words. Thank you so much for everything you have done in my life -- An indefinite alchemical experience I cannot forget


Jenee Levell Green  - 

Two years ago I won a free 60 minute session first visit he did healing on my back and healed part of it I went 2 more times for 60 minutes the third time he healed my shoulder I had pain in that shoulder for years went to massages and chiropractic care but it never relieved the pain Michael did on the third visit. Then I began my journey and started reiki classes I’ve learned a lot thru Michael I practice reiki and people get healed. He is such a selfless amazing person never says anything bad about anyone always upbeat and positive, Michael I truly believe he would give you the shirt off his back. When I first met him I was very negative since being around him and likeminded students my negativity has changed to a more positive I have met many wonderful people thru Michael I will never be able to completely say what a wonderful teacher he is and truly an amazing person I was truly blessed to be given this opportunity, Thank you Michael for all you have taught me. It’s been quite the journey and this is only the beginning.


Caitlin Moos   

Michael is a true healer; he is passionate about his clients, and very knowledgeable. I left his studio, clean, healed, and enlightened.

Thank you again,
I'll be back, hopefully as a student.


Eugene Sedletsky  

It has been amazing how much and how quickly Michael's gifted work has transformed over the years, just due to his humble, unerring dedication to helping all in the best way he can. He is as determined in doing his inner work - so that he may be of the greatest assistance to all - as he is to healing the healers of our world, which then ripple out and affect countless others.

From knowing Michael over time, I have seen that his true, selfless love for all... is simply his natural, absolute, and most genuine self. He is the real deal, and is hiding nothing as he walks each day expressing him as the vulnerable, flawed but truly strong shining light that he is. For only in that vulnerability can anyone really be the example of true Strength.
And as such, every session I experience or hear about Michael doing - whether it's his humble but powerful life coaching skills or the deep energy work abilities he is gifted with - culminates in a totally transformed and empowering experience for everyone that comes to him. I can't recommend this amazing, benevolent spirit enough!

Not to mention, the nurturing and powerful, tangible healing energy that his office has with it.


April M. Wickett  

Michael has been able to do wonders for my aching knees with a few sessions of Reiki. No longer do I have to contemplate the possibility of having a surgery in the near future!!! I highly recommend him to help you with your troublesome aches & pains!!!


Maria Kalamas  

Michael shares his gifts of healing unconditionally and with a great desire to bring health and happiness to all! 
I highly recommend Michael!